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Starfish Difference Maker Award

Starfish International believes in recognizing members of the community that embody the message of the Starfish story. The Difference Maker Award is given to a community member that positively impacts the Grand Valley and beyond by helping others reach their peak.  

Our Difference Makers

Starfish Difference Maker

Ralph Wilson

 Our first award was presented on June 27, 2023. Ralph Wilson is a Vietnam veteran who has displayed a lifetime of giving back. Ralph fights through adversity and inspires others to bring inclusion and hope to those in need. Ralph is a regular blood donor, elementary school volunteer, school board member, project volunteer for GJ VA, and volunteer instructor for New Dimensions. Congratulations to Ralph!

Our incredible donors make this dream a reality. We want to recognize these Difference Makers. A Mt. Kenya donor has given 500 to 999 dollars to Starfish International. A Mt. Kilimanjaro Donor has given over 1,000 dollars to Starfish International. These Difference Makers have opened so many doors of opportunity to the community of Mathare.

Let's build a school!

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