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About The School Teacher

Education is unattainable for the average person in Mathare. Opening a public school in Matahre would make education attainable, equitable, and accessible. Our mission is to help all students reach their full potential.  

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About this image

This picture was taken right outside the school. Students fight to attend school, where they love to learn. This is a picture of the founder of Starfish International and a school teacher surrounded by students in Mathare.  

About this image

This is of a school teacher and her current students standing on the ground where the school will be built. The students are holding the design of their future school!


Students pay 25 dollars a month to attend school, and the average citizen of Mathare makes two dollars a day. The people of Mathare work hard daily, yet education is unattainable for the average person. Women are forced into poverty-based prostitution because there is no access to learn a trade or attend high school. The school teacher in this photo puts all her money and effort into educating students on her own salary. 

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