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The Full Story

About The Land

The land in Mathare is full of trash, flying toilets, and shanties. 



There isn't a designated space for people to throw away their trash. The plots of land where the school will be built are one of the few open areas. No one lives there, so it is used as a dumping ground. The slum is full of an overwhelming amount of trash and raw sewage.  

Flying Toilets

This picture is of the bathroom in Mathare. The bathroom costs 25 cents for each use. Most people live on two dollars a day, making the cost of the bathroom unattainable. This leads people to use flying toilets. Flying toilets are when people use a spare piece of trash as a bathroom and throw it into an open area. Mathare is full of raw sewage and flying toilets. 

Picture of Mathare_edited.jpg


The homes that you see in this picture are called shanties. They are made of scrap pieces of metal. Shanties are designed to be easily moved, as no one owns their own land. A shanty is usually 6ft by 8ft, housing five people. The raw sewage running through the street has run so long that it has become part of the foundation.   

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