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The Full Story

About The Current School

Mathare currently has three to four schools. There are around 70,000 school-aged children in Mathare. Education is unattainable for most children because it is 25 dollars a month at the average school. This is not including a school uniform, which is required, and any school supplies needed. 



This picture is of a classroom in a school in Mathare. This classroom is 100 square feet. On average there will be thirty students in this class and one teacher. 

Current Schools

In the first picture, you see "The Spring View School." This school is entirely made out of scrap metal. There is no soundproofing, students often have trouble focusing. The next two pictures you see are of a different school. This school is built on a cliff. There are five classrooms. The entrance to this school is shown on the left in the second picture. 

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